Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts Around Original Bullitt Mustang


January 10, 2020

By: Jonathan


Iconic Offering: Original “Bullitt” Mustang SOLD [Updated]

A car so rare and in demand that Steve McQueen himself was unable to purchase could find its way to your garage! That’s right, the 1968 Ford Mustang GT “Bullitt” driven by The King of Cool is up for auction this weekend in Kissimmee, FL .


The story of this car is one that has been told since the film Bullitt hit theaters in 1968 and has yet to go by the wayside. Multiple Mustang GTs existed for filming, but it was this exact one which was used for the majority of the driving scenes with McQueen. This includes the now most famous chase scene in movie history, which was recreated on Fast N’ Loud, where McQueen playing Lt. Frank Bullitt chases a Dodge Charger through San Francisco. As the car was actually being driven and not shot on a trailer it was modified for that and featured the GT package along with a 390cu.-in. V8.


Following filming the car retired from acting, but not from work altogether. No, it was purchased by a Warner Brothers employee who daily drove it. From there the car made its way out east to a new owner in 1970, but by 1974 it was sold again. The current owner, Robert Kiernan, was contacted numerous times by McQueen in an effort to buy it, but he refused every offer. Instead his wife used it as a daily driver until 1980 when it was parked. The car would move several times for safe keeping, but remain in the Kiernan family who had vowed to restore it to running order, a task the late Robert Kiernan’s son completed and unveiled to the world in 2018.


Update: The iconic Bullitt Mustang sold for $3,740,000 this afternoon at Mecum!


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