Rare Plymouth Superbird Destined For Big Money At Auction [UPDATED]


April 13, 2018

By: Jonathan


This Could Be The Most Immaculately Restored Judge You’ll Ever See

One can’t help, but hear about this 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV and think of Theseus’s paradox…Right? Anyone? Bueller? Well I’m willing to bet you’re familiar, but just not by its name. In short, the paradox suggests that if an object has had all its original components replaced overtime is it still the same object?

In the case of this ’69 Judge it has been so immaculately restored it makes you wonder… However, it hasn’t gone so far as to have its components replaced, but rather an extensive frame-off nut and bold restoration which took the car down to its bare metal before being reassembled to like new quality. The restoration included having the “400/370hp Ram Air IV engine has been carefully restored to like-new condition and retains its correct components, including heads, carburetor, intake manifold, alternator and distributor, and Harrison radiator.” It also includes a rebuilt drivetrain, laser straightened body and a chassis restored with original factory components.

Furthermore, the smaller details on this one of just 549 produced with the Ram Air IV engine option were not overlooked. Including, “correct T3 headlamps, original JA-code Rally wheels with red stripe tires, correct labeled GM hoses with correct tower clamps, factory assembly-line decals and stamps topped off with a correct-style Gardner show exhaust.” All said in done this is one of the most as near to factory Judge’s as you can get, if truthfully not better than factory, and it sold at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Saturday for a hefty $178,200!

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

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