Ken Block Takes On Britain In 1400HP Hoonicorn V2


October 8, 2018

By: Jonathan


Infamous John Cena GT, Three Others Shine In Texas

By now you’ve probably heard of John Cena’s GT sale and the then lawsuit (if you haven’t, read here), well, it’s sold again in Dallas.

It was at Mecum’s Indy auction that the car would first cross the block setting in motion all the legal happenings and it was again at Mecum the car was recently sold for $1,320,000 making it the highest sold car and the highest of three GTs in the top 6. However, despite it being the top GT in Dallas the car dropped nearly half a million in value since selling at Mecum over the summer.

The third place car, and second place GT, was a 2005 with just under 2,000 miles bringing in $291,500. It was followed in fourth and sixth by 2006s selling for $280,500 and $258,500, respectively. Though despite the decrease in Cena’s and abundance at a single auction the cars are still very much in demand and fetching a good price relative to their original sale prices.

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