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April 21, 2020

By: Sinjin


Inside the Build: 1937 Buick Indy Car

We’re in full swing on the new season of Fast N’ Loud. The Gas Monkey crew absolutely killed it on their first big project, 2 custom Jeeps for The Gary Sinise Foundation. With one project down, they were looking to hit another home run on their next build.


With the lifts empty, in rolls Richard Rawlings in a 1937 Buick Indy Car recreation. This retro racer was already in decent shape, but not in good enough shape for the price tag Richard was looking for. The vision boss man had for this classic was going to be a decent change of pace for Gas Monkey Garage.

The idea behind this build was simple, stay true to the original styling of Indy Cars from its era while paying attention to all the details making it a showroom quality vehicle. Sound simple enough? Well if you’ve ever built a car, you know that nothing is ever simple when it comes to restorations and builds.

Let’s jump right into the Buick. Painted in a British Racing Green, Richard not only got his fix for aggravating Mike Coy with his color choices but also staying true to traditional racing colors of this Buick’s time. Rarely do we have a car roll in with the correct numbers matching engine, but this ’33 came correct under the hood. With the Gas Monkey touch, this straight-eight 345 engine got some much needed TLC and placed right back into the vehicle.

The main idea was the keep the original look and styling, so the Monkeys opted to keep the original wheels but have them detailed up and respoked. The same thought process stayed true when it came to the dash and the instrument cluster. There aren’t too many of these Buicks laying around in decent condition, so we reached out to our friends at Classic Instruments and they whipped up exactly what this retro racer needed to look correct.

Lastly, to have that British Racing Green pop and give it that showroom aesthetic, various pieces on the exterior of the car were nickel-plated or changed for stainless steel options.


Lastly, it was time to find a buyer for this beauty. Tony Taylor had a hot lead on a friend in Savannah, Georgia that is a big collector with a pretty impressive collection.  After the cross country travel and some track time, this Indy Car was sold! Luckily for any car enthusiasts that want to check out this build in person, you can at the Critz Motorsports Buick Dealership in Savannah, Georgia.

Missed the episode? You can watch both part 1 and part 2 on DiscoveryGo now.

Wondering what’s next for Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew? Tune in to Fast N’ Loud on Monday at 9 pm ET on Discovery to see what monkey business rolls out of this shop next!


Check out the gallery below for some behind the scenes action on this one of a kind Gas Monkey Build.

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