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August 21, 2019

By: Sinjin


Inside the Build: ’33 Ford Model B Shop Truck

Whether it’s for picking up parts or just laying down some rubber in the parking lot, every good shop needs a good shop truck. When Richard found himself needing something new for Gas Monkey Garage he turned to hot rodder Brian Bass and purchased his  1933 Ford Model B.


Traditionally looks take a back seat to performance in the car world, but you can’t look at this truck without the exterior blowing you away. Like the scars of a prize fighter this truck’s scratches and cracked/faded paint tells a story of a long hard life that needs to be shared and celebrated. In order to honor the truck’s legacy and build upon it, the Monkeys opted to keep the original paint and rust.

More than just good looks, the heart of this truck is a Ford Flathead V8 and 4 Stromberg 81 carburetors. In order to show off the engine, and the hard work the Monkey’s put into it, the design called for the hood to removed and engine exposed. Further keeping the truck true to its past, the monkeys decided to keep the exhaust factory, but installed electric dumps to let it roar. And like a classic shop truck, the transmission is now a three on the tree.

The team may have opted to keep the wear on the exterior, but underneath it all is a truly different story! With a fully sandblasted and powder-coated chassis, this wasn’t going to to just be another rusty truck and with a RideTech polished hot rod shock and a Nash style steering box conversion it certainly wasn’t going to ride like one.

Keeping the wheels on this shop truck simple, the Monkeys gave them a fresh coat of paint and updated the hub caps to better fit the style of yesteryear and the build. Lastly, the interior desperately needed some love and it got it with all-new carpet, door panels, bench seat and a freshly painted dash and steering wheel. To finish it off, the dash received new gauges from Classic Instruments to finalize the that brand new interior.

Talk about an ultimate job perk with a shop truck like this!

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