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November 4, 2019

By: Sinjin


The 1972 Riviera SEMA Build | Revisited

Each year thousands of motorheads gather in an oasis in the desert known as Las Vegas. The gathering is like Christmas for anyone that enjoys the smell of petrol and craves the best and most innovative ideas in the automotive industry. Of course, we are talking at SEMA!


Most of the time the Gas Monkey builds are on a pretty tight schedule. With typically 4 weeks to completely finish a frame-off restoration, it can be difficult to execute all of the hopes and dreams for a build. That’s typically how the builds have gone… that is until now. With Richard’s aspirations of returning to SEMA again, he decided to give the GMG crew something they’ve been begging for forever: more time.


With what seems like eons worth of time, GMG’s mechanics were able to really think about their ultimate wish list to ultimately steal the show at SEMA 2020. While the Riviera is was not going to be their main focus until the big event, they have to really buckle down and slowly get work done on it any chance they can get.


As of right now, this is what has been decided on/installed on this declassified top-secret build:


At the heart of this build is a Katech LT4 with a Magnuson Supercharger pushing close to 1000hp. Making sure that this build has a SEMA quality roar is a custom-built Magnaflow exhaust. All of that will be kept cool by a radiator from our friends over at Ron Davis. Then to put all that power to good use is a brand new 8 speed GM 8190e transmission to fulfill that need for speed! Controlling all that speed and bringing it to a standstill is a full Willwood brake set to get those Continental tires screeching to a halt.


Keeping everything nice and cool underneath the hood is a massive Ron Davis radiator fit to this massive grill!

Next, to keep everything sturdy and sound underneath is an outstanding chassis from Chris Alstons Chassis Works.


The right wheelset can ultimately make or break your build. Too flashy and it underwhelms the rest of your build, too dull and you’ve given up a key way to differentiate your ride.  We have this future show stopper sitting on custom Budnik True Knockoffs. With 20×10’s on the front and 22×12’s in the rear, the way this Riviera sits is straight mean!

With a coilover 4 link and a FAB 9 rear end, GMG isn’t installing anything but the best for this build. Lastly, once everything gets up and running, a custom Magnaflow exhaust with have this build sounding just right!

While the Riviera isn’t in its final form for SEMA, even in bare metal it is a work of art! Nobody can describe this build better than the members of Gas Monkey Garage themselves. Give it a watch below!

Want to watch the full episodes of how this Riviera came to life? Head over to DiscoveryGo to watch them now!


And if you can make it out to SEMA this year, make sure to check it out at Chris Alston’s Chassisworks booth!

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