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September 25, 2019

By: Sinjin


Inside the Build: Gas Monkey’s 1968 Bullitt Mustang

The first 14 seasons of Fast N’ Loud had been pretty legendary, and Richard and the Monkeys weren’t going to let the 15th season be any different. Always with the highest of expectations for his crew, Richard wanted to kick off this season bigger and better than any of the ones prior to it. With his challenge in mind, he shot off like a speeding Bullitt with dreams of recreating an important piece of Americana!


In the Mustang hall of fame there is a Highland Green Fastback that people the world over would recognize. Not because it’s the best or rarest, necessarily, but when you put the King of Cool behind the wheel running the streets of San Francisco you’re destined to create something memorable. That’s just what happened with Steve McQueen behind the wheel of a 1968 Mustang in the film Bullit. Now, Richard and the Monkeys at Gas Monkey Garage aimed to pay tribute to one of the most iconic movie cars of all time.


A lofty goal would be to just create a correct replica of the famous ’68 Bullitt, but this is Fast N’ Loud so they didn’t stop there. No, they set their sights on remaking the famous chase scene from Bullitt that would make the McQueen family proud… Not to mention hold up to a rigorous three day shooting schedule.

To sweeten the deal even more, this was going to kick off  Season 15 for Fast N’ Loud! The pressure was on for the Monkeys to build this Bullitt to not impress the McQueens but for the millions watching at home.

The original film had the luxury of shooting with two identical Mustangs, one primarily used for jumps and stunts (which ended up lost to the years before being found in Mexico recently) and the other was primarily driven by McQueen himself for beauty shots (this one lost and later found in a barn in the east coast). However, this time around there wasn’t the option for two cars, this one Mustang was going to have to stick the landing and be able to continue the chase. Breaking down was not an option and neither was a car not being on par with the original specs. With all that in mind, Richard enlisted the help of our resident Mustang expert Jason Aker.

Sticking with an identical power plant Gas Monkey’s Bullitt has a 390 Big Block, except this time it’s sporting 428 heads paired with a Holley Performance distributor. Upgraded from the factory 325hp, this Mustang is now pushing out 600hp which can really get this classic soaring, literally, through the streets of San Francisco. Although there’s the additional horsepower, the factory 4 speed top loader transmission and disc brakes were kept to retain the same feel of an older car. In order to keep everything as cool as McQueen himself, a radiator from Ron Davis was added.

Getting it up in the air is one thing, but landing it and keeping your forward momentum is completely different battle. However, it was a battle the original with heavy duty springs/dampeners and chassis braces were up to, but with the support of an added skid plate and reinforcement welding.

Keeping all of the same cosmetics as its predecessor the GMG Bullitt was de-trimmed, a blacked-out gas cap added, correct gauges from Classic Instruments installed, and Torq Thrust wheels added to bring the look home. One thing you may notice missing is a full roll cage inside, this recreation does not include one due to the fact it had to play the role of both cars in the film, performance and cosmetics. Lastly, what good is all this work if the car doesn’t wake the fine people of San Fran? That’s why a custom built MagnaFlow exhaust was added.

All in all, Richard and the Monkey’s put their money where their mouth is and truly showed out. After three continuous days of filming, the only battle scars this Mustang had were: a flat tire, cracked fender, and a replacement alternator. Not bad for what we hope is first ballot hall of famer. Check out the finished product of Gas Monkey’s recreation of the Bullitt chase scene below!



Being able to be apart of a project like this and something so special to the McQueen family was a dream come true. As an added bonus, watch some special behind the scenes footage from the filming of the Bullitt recreation in San Francisco!


Want to see all of this epic Bullitt build? Head over to DiscoveryGo to see the entire build and watch this Highland Green Mustang take over the streets of San Francisco again.

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