2018 Ford GT Heritage Edition Hits The Dyno


November 12, 2018

By: Jonathan


Johnny Böhmer Inches Toward 300mph In BADD GT

Johnny Böhmer’s Ford GT is one BADD mother shut your mouth! Every weekend we see cars top 300mph on the drag strip, but what sets Johnny apart, and makes his quest for 300mph so amazing, is that he’s doing it in a street legal GT.

This past month Johnny took to his proving grounds in Florida to make another pass at the record, but unfortunately fell short with mechanical problems. As the original poster said, “the road to 300 MPH is not an easy one” and further complicated by the fact that every attempt also doubles as testing/practice since, as Johnny notes in the video, you can’t dyno the car to the level of performance they’re looking for out of it.

Despite not hitting his goal of 300mph this time around, it’s not a matter of if for Johnny and his team, but when.

Car: 2006 Ford GT
Max Power: 2700 hp
Max Torque: 1830 lb-ft
Engine: 5.4-liter, V8 Twin Turbo
Gearbox: 6-speed manual
Drive: RWD
Weight: 3900 lbs
Air Conditioning Temperature: 49 degrees F

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