Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 Gets NHRA Stamp Of Approval


April 16, 2019

By: Jonathan


Just In Time For Tornado Season, Twister Ram Recreation Sells

Even days after the final hammer smacked down in Palm Beach, FL this past weekend we’re still finding gold in them hills that was Barrett-Jackson. The latest treasure is this 1998 Dodge Ram, sold as re-creation of the one Bill Paxton drove in the movie Twister, though perhaps re-imagining would be a better term since his was a 1996 Ram 2500 in the film.

Two things are really of interest here. The first being that Twister was a kickass movie so being able to have your own storm chasing truck with a Dorothy movie prop in back is solid. The other main point of interest is, why? Aside from the obvious awesomeness of Twister and Paxton, the truck in the film was a basically stock Ram. Paxton was out of the game, he didn’t need a truck with frills, but something basic… and this is basic. So the idea that someone would set out to re-create it seems a little silly as any red ’98 Ram would essentially be a recreation and if you add a Dorothy even better.

Though it would appear that the truck’s creator was actually onto something. As noted, that truck minus Dorothy is just an everyday ’98 Ram that has a value of $4,500 when priced at 100,000 miles and excellent condition. This truck sold for $11,000 at auction. Meaning that by placing a Dorothy in the bed and calling it a replica, $6,000 was added in value to the truck. Not a bad days work.

Now excuse me while I watch movie after movie trying to determine which replicas of my own I could create.

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

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