Split-Window 'Vette Looks To Shine In Saudi Arabia


November 19, 2019

By: Jonathan


Ken Block Takes On China In Climbkhana TWO

If you’re not familiar with Ken Block and Hoonigan’s Climbkhana video series yet it’s Gymkhana with elevation change. In this second installment of the Climbkhana series Ken and his 914hp Hoonitruck travel to the most dangerous road in China to conquer the 99 turns up Tianmen Mountain.

At this point in the game these Gymkhana-esque videos pretty much speak for themselves and this one is no different, but unfortunately this one doesn’t have a lot to say. It’s a car we’ve seen and a concept we’re all to familiar with and while the element of danger is inevitably there that tends to be something we put out of mind in motorsports and the end result is a long and fairly routine video.

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