80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental Resurrects 'Suicide Doors'


December 17, 2018

By: Sinjin


Ken Block, The Hoonigans Drop Gymkhana 10

The TV series about making a YouTube series, The Gymkhana Files, concluded where it all began with the debut of a YouTube video, Gymkhana 10.

Though this raises the question of whether or not Gymkhana 10 is actually a YouTube video if it first debuted on Amazon Prime? After all, numerous clips from TV make their way to YouTube, but not YouTube videos in the way the term is used. One can’t help, but think this is all by design as The Hoonigans continue to play with all forms of media from regular series airing on YouTube to their Amazon show and even some Twitch streams in-between.

The latest, and possibly last as it will be hard to ever top, Gymkhana film incorporates multiple cars from the franchise and multiple locations as it celebrates its tin anniversary. Enough words, you’ve waited long enough for this. Checkout Gymkhana 10 in all its globetrotting glory below!

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