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December 14, 2018

By: Jonathan


Mad Dash For Cash Following Armored Car Crash

This footage of an accident involving an armored truck in New Jersey raised a lot of questions for me. Sure, some major accident could send cash flying, but from the looks of this it was a fender bender for the truck; however, not so much for the car that rear-ended. So how does this happen?

In the movies you occasionally see pallets of cash traveling wrapped in plastic, but that’s the movies and more times than not in Hollywood it’s still being transported via locked canvas type bags. It’s also this style of bag that you usually see in person, you know, waiting in the McDonald’s line when the truck shows to pick up the cash. So how does a rear-ending spring the doors, open the bags and send cash flying?

Cash is in the wind, traffic is at a stand still, what do you do? In the movies, if you haven’t picked up that’s my major source of learning, people always rush to pocket flying cash and in this case life certainly imitated art. What would you do? This isn’t a dollar on the street, it’s clear where the money came from and who it belongs to, but I think a lot of us seem to think that because it’s in bulk it’s fair game… These folks in New Jersey did. So do you line your pockets?

Following the event the local police issued a tweet saying basically return the money and all will be forgiven. This clearly means some kinda crime was committed by those who took it so do you trust them and return it?

I’ve given it a lot of thought and in this instance I would return some. Enough to appease the police who most likely have me on camera thanks to all the snitches taping, but not all. In an instance where cameras aren’t present and I can grab money out of the air… bring on the steak and lobster.

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