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June 12, 2019

By: Jonathan


Mean Mower V2 Finally Fulfills Its Destiny At 151mph

For as fast as this lawn mower is Honda sure took their sweet time in breaking this world record. Look, I don’t even have a yard around my glass house, but c’mon, Honda! We first reported this build back in March of 2018 when they began teasing it and then again in July of 2018 when it was revealed and now its been… [counts on fingers, takes off one shoe] 11 months for a record run to be set and released!

Not to distract from the amazing thing they did with their 999cc four-cylinder CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle engine, but what was the hold up the past year? Ultimately, the run was, arguably, worth the wait setting a record 0-100mph time in 6.285 seconds and top out at a speed of 150.99mph. A far greater top-speed than the OG Mean Mower which had a max speed of 117mph back in 2013.

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