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May 8, 2019

By: Jonathan


Miura, Miura On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of All

The Italian Job is one of the most Iconic heist films in history so it seems somewhat fitting that for decades after the films release the whereabouts of one of the car’s in the film was unknown. No, not one of the now famous Mini Coopers, but an even unbelievable car to go missing, this Lamborghini Miura P400.

Seen in the beginning of the film, and ultimately being destroyed on-screen, that was just one of two Miuras used in production. When filming began Lamborghini would send two for use during the filming, a damaged one to be destroyed and a second one for the glamour shots. Needless to say, the fate of one was well documented, but the second, and perfect one, would wind up missing. On loan the car was sent back to Lamborghini who would then sell it as new. Seemingly normal enough, but the car would then disappear from records through the years.

So not only did one of the most desired cars of all time go missing, it was the most well known version of the car and went missing via all the proper channels. Granted, it would be a few years for word to circulate following the film’s release that the one destroyed was one of two, but those few years would be enough to spark a search lasting nearly 50 years. Ultimately the car’s current owner, The Kaiser Collection of Vaduz, would reach out to Lamborghini to verify their Miura was the one from the film.

This famous Miura is now back in the spotlight exactly 50 years after making its on-screen debut.

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