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September 29, 2020

By: Sinjin


Mother Nature Has It Out For This ’57 Chevy!

At Gas Monkey Garage, we’re no strangers to automotive tragedies. Between our 1975 Datsun 280z burning up in transit or totaling the fan-favorite Green 1976 C-10, but with this latest story, a certain 1957 Chevy takes the crown for just plain bad luck. Not only did it have a bad run-in with a tree once, but it happened twice, and it looks like Mother Nature finished what she started.

In case you don’t recognize this crushed Chevy from the Fast N’ Loud episode in season 5 “Fleetline Superflip Frenzy“, prepare for a little refresher of this bizarre buy.

Starting off, Dave Lind a.k.a “Mr. Six-Pack” (unclear if the nickname references his washboard abs or preference for beer), greets Richard and Dennis (or “Steve” as Dave calls him ) not with a welcome beer but with a little moonshine to loosen up Richard’s money clip. How did Mr. Six-Pack come to own this lightly crushed Chevy? Oh well that’s simple. Frankly, his brother owed him some money and well… he just took it from him.

To decide the final sale price, Mr. Six-Pack talks Richard into shooting some dice. Richard wasn’t too lucky that day and ends up taking it home for $1800.

As with almost every buy by the hands of Richard Rawlings, its already is up for sale before it even leaves the garage it was just bought from. Richard makes a quick flip on it and sells it to Cliff Barnes, owner of Complete Auto Body in Maryland.

At this moment, this 1957 Chevy 2+2 almost has a storybook ending. Cliff restores the Chevy back to near perfect condition with help from his son Cliffy, and the final product was truly something to be proud of. Even after the full restoration, no matter how much horsepower was added this Chevy just couldn’t outrun fate.

Recently Maryland received some pretty intense thunderstorms and Mother Nature had some unfinished business on her mind. Parked in an unlucky spot, a rather large tree fell on this ’57, and this time it didn’t just ding a fender. The tree crushed the entire car from headlights to taillights. Luckily no one was in the car or hurt by this accident.

Looking at what this 1957 Chevy had become, it just hurts to see. As many times as people can say “Cars can be replaced, lives can’t”, don’t get us wrong, we completely agree, but it still sucks to witness.

With a story like this one, there’s supposed to be some type of silver lining or lesson to be learned so you don’t go about your day on a low note.

So the lesson? Next time you’re thinking about just taking the family van for some errands around town, pull out that classic you’ve got in your garage and take advantage of the time you’ve got with it. Next thing you know it could be up in flames on a transport trailer, crashed into a concrete barrier, or under a very large tree.

Know what we mean? Or maybe it’s just the kind of shitty luck that only we understand at Gas Monkey Garage. Who knows…

Photos courtesy of Complete Auto Body. They do some great work so check them out if you get the chance.

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