Rare Lamborghini Miura SV Looks To Fetch Over $2 Million


July 31, 2018

By: Jonathan


Mystery Ford GT Goes To Auction For Second Time In Four Months

We’d previously written about the mysterious 2017 Ford GT going to auction at Mecum Indy where it would ultimately sell for $1,815,000. For those sleuths new to the mystery let’s recap quickly.

In short, there is a contractual two year ban on selling the car and if you think Ford won’t come after you ask John Cena and you’re no John Cena. Now let’s pickup where we left off. The GT sold back in mid-may at Mecum Indy which to this day no one is sure, not even Ford, how that was pulled off and now adding insult to injury the car is headed back to auction.

Number 48 of 250 produced in 2017 this GT has put on one mile since it sold over two months ago bringing the total to a staggering eight. It’s again Mecum Auctions handling the sale of the car, this time at their high-end Monterey auction in late August.

Below is exclusive footage from Ford:

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