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February 21, 2019

By: Jonathan


Netflix Docuseries Gives Unprecedented Look At Formula 1

Not a giant fan of Formula 1 racing from a pure racing standpoint the engineering, logistics and talent that go into every event has fascinated me since the first race I ever attended. So it should go without saying that when Netflix dropped this trailer yesterday for Formula 1: Drive to Survive it got my heart going.

This 10 episode series comes from the same producers behind Senna and Amy, which together have a 93.5% average on Rotten Tomatoes, and will be the first documentary series given access by Formula 1. This means that the series will encompass the entire sport versus a driver or team and grant viewers access to a Formula 1 season like they’ve never seen before.

Via Netflix:

Beginning in Melbourne where the world of high stakes, adrenaline and passion that underlies Formula 1 is launched. From there the series moves with the teams following each of the races; from Bahrain to Canada, Austria, Singapore, Austin to Brazil, before culminating in the final fight of the season in Abu Dhabi, where scores are there to be settled.

The series will air on Netlfix beginning March 8th.

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