We Rode our Build-off Bike to Vegas!


November 27, 2012

By: Richard Rawlings


New Episodes of Fast N’ Loud!

Have you memorized every line from every episode in the first season yet? We don’t doubt it with all of those Fast N’ Loud reruns while we’re in between seasons! Good news, though, we have a new episode coming out on Monday (Dec. 3, 9:00 PM EST) and you won’t want to miss it. Set your DVRs to record ‘Fast N Loud: Apache/Road to Chopper Live – Part 1′ because you might want to watch this one twice. As usual, I’ll be tweeting with y’all through the show, and I might even convince Aaron to sit down and tweet one of these days. Follow along using the hashtags #fastnloud and #chopperlive, and if you want to throw in the #teamfastnloud hashtag, we won’t be mad. And one week after that, it’s time for CHOPPER LIVE!! We might even fit in another new Fast N’ Loud before the 2-hour Chopper Live special on Monday the 10th. Who’s excited? -RR

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