Speedkore's Carbon Fiber Demon Is World's Quickest


March 19, 2019

By: Jonathan


New John Delorean Biopic Looks Thrillingly Insane

If you’re not hooked in the first 15-seconds of this trailer then I have no idea what you’re looking for in a story, because not only is it incredibly thrilling… It’s true.

In what the filmmakers are calling the first feature film, documentary and re-enactment of DMC founder John Delorean, Framing John Delorean takes a look at the seemingly complex life behind the famous car maker. And from the looks of the trailer it appears as though he should have been famous for any number of reasons well beyond his failed attempt in the car business.

Framing John Delorean star Alec Baldwin as Delorean and will be available in theaters and VOD June 7th.

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