This Crispy F40 Get's A Second Chance!


June 8, 2020

By: Sinjin


Not a barn find, but a 1968 Porsche golf course find?

Nowadays, people throw the term “barn find” on pretty much anything. Maybe we’ve been guilty of doing so once or twice when in reality the car was found in a carport, garage, or any other outdoor building. Well, the last thing we need in 2020 is any more confusion or stress, because if you can’t trust automotive articles then who can you really trust? So we’ll call it what it is, a “right next to a golf course find”. Fair enough? Let’s take a look at Richard and Gas Monkey’s latest buy that is now up for sale on our inventory page:

This 1968 Porsche 911 “S” (VIN 11830279) was ordered with a number of unique options including “S” instrumentation & “S” oil sump tank. Ordered by a Porsche Club of America long time member in California, presumably because the 911S was not available in the US in 1968, the car was ordered as an ”S” spec vehicle and immediately registered in the Porsche Club Registry, where it participated in numerous documented events.

Rescued from long term storage where it sat under a car cover next to the fairway of a golf course, it is now available to someone looking for an early, short wheelbase, long hood Porsche restoration project. Underside pics reveal a fairly solid chassis while the interior pics show a complete interior that will make for an easy restoration. The exterior is complete with all trim present and mostly usable with some superficial rust and a couple of areas that show perforation, again easily repairable (see all pics).

This 1968 Porsche Project does not run and will need to be towed, shipped or trailered from the shop. It will need to be inspected to determine completeness (due to our filming schedule we cannot perform any additional work on this Car or build it for you). The winning bidder may come to the shop to pick up the car or have it shipped.


The Kardex Report is included indicating the engine and transaxle numbers which are verified to be original and numbers matching. Ordered in 6804 Light Ivory with Black Leatherette and Factory Tinted Glass. Completed on 17NOV67 it was delivered to the customer on 21DEC67.


If you’re looking for a super rare and desirable Porsche 911 Project, you won’t find a better example that’s priced to sell! If you’re interested in making to Porsche your own, you can check out the full listing on our inventory page, and email us at [email protected] with an offer or with any question you have.

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