Split Window, Personality This '63 Corvette Combines Old With New [Updated w/ Sale Price]


January 22, 2019

By: Jonathan


Not Just For Cars, Auto Themed Carousel Sells For $506,000 At Barrett

I don’t know a lot about carousels. I remember them being around (pun intended) and then being told I was too big to ride them and then not really seeing much of them these days. However, this carousel sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale screams quintessential carousel.

Maybe not so quintessential in that it’s not the horses you recall from your childhood, but instead made up of various cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Vehicles include a period Mercedes-Benz fire truck with hand-carved fireman on a ladder, a cable car with leather interior and a large two-tone Opel convertible. Other cars include a wonderful Mercedes 190, a Polizei (Police) squad car and two Flitzers (means “fast car” in German). There are also four Vespa-style scooters and three Kano Manufacturing bicycles, two-small antique farm tractors, a large John Deere 100 Farm tractor and six Sachs 50 CC motorcycles (real motorcycles with replacement wooden tanks).

However, quintessential in that the the carousel was made by Wilhelm Hennecke of Germany in 1962 and used at Christmas markets throughout the region for years to come and if that doesn’t scream carousel destiny at you I don’t know what will. In all, the ‘sel, as the kids call it, features 23 hand-built automotive related fixtures and is 32-feet in diameter and 16-feet high and features 1,500 lights, no word on RPMs. Truly a rare treat to see the automotive world so intricately represented on such a whimsical childhood icon and rightfully demanding of its $506,000 hammer price.

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

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