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July 17, 2019

By: Sinjin


Not The F-1 Your Typical F-1 “Car”

Today when you hear F1 in the automotive word you instantly think of the insanely hight-tech, high-speed Formula One cars, but back in the mid-twentieth century their was another F-1 on the block.

In 1948 Ford launched the first-generation of their, now, iconic F-Series. That first-generation run would last until 1952 putting this F-1 1950 square in the middle. As an F-1 it’s not the first as the name would lead you to believe, but rather a distinction of chassis. Ford released eight different chassis options so the 1 was used to denote the lightest-capacity version through the F-8 which was the highest capacity. However, this doesn’t mean we’re on the 150th different chassis today, but think F-150 versus F-250 and so on in today’s distinction.

Despite their being eight versions the F-1, like the one seen here, was the most common and helped to shape Ford’s F-Series truck dominance. Not only did Ford come out with a number of chassis options, but also engine and transmission options for each. For example, this F-1 would have been available in 226cu.-in. and 239cu.-in. engines along with 3-speed light and heavy duty transmissions as well as 4-speed transmission. The options for the first-gen undoubtedly laid the groundwork for the plethora of truck offerings we see today.

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