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November 30, 2020

By: Sinjin


Old School Muscle and Style: 1941 Studebaker Stock Car

Every so often, we come across a build on the interwebs, that we just can’t ignore. Typically once we find it, we send it around the office and see what everyone else thinks of it. Whether you’re a Ford guy, a Chevy guy, prefer resto-mods over original restorations, when you see hard work turn into something badass, you give respect where respect is due. Enter- this 1941 Studebaker Stock Car we found on the Barn Finds Classifieds.


Let’s start off with the one really big piece of this Studebaker’s attitude. It’s not a replica, it’s a real deal survivor. A well kept and preserved survivor one might add.

As cars come and go, and the automotive world continues to burn its rubber into the future, the era of old school stock cars still has a prominent spot in many gearheads hearts. At Gas Monkey, we ourselves even took a crack at recreating one with our 1952 Chevy stock car.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot is known about this Studebakers history. What we do know is that the original owner had it until the 1980s and owned it for at least 35-years. Who built it and exactly where it raced is a mystery, but that mystery sorta adds to the “cool factor” doesn’t it?


Under the hood, this stockcar proves to not only look the part but drive the part as well being powered by a Packard V8 (believed to be a 374 c.i.). The engine was moved further back to help with handling, and the front axle was changed for a ’39 Ford axle.

Meeting the safety measure most likely at the time a roll cage is installed, but we wouldn’t bet that it’d pass any safety tests nowadays.

This 1941 Studebaker is said to fire up and drive fine, but would need to be checked over before taking any hot laps around the track. If you’re interested in this real deal vintage stock car, check it out on Barn Find’s Classifieds page now.

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