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January 15, 2019

By: Jonathan


One Of One 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Shatters Auction Estimates

When the curtain dropped Sunday on Mecum’s Kissimmee auction it was a Ferrari LaFerrari which took home the top spot selling for $3.3 million, but in second was this one and only 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

Mecum estimates projected the prototype car selling for $1.2 million, on the high-end, but it would hammer for a staggering $2.2 million. A far cry from the $5,000 ($38,000 in today’s dollar) it was sold for in August of 1967 and nearly a million more than when the same car was sold for $1.3 million last year. The car was originally built as a test car for the Goodyear Thunderbolt tire and test them it did. During testing this GT500 Super Snake would AVERAGE 142mph, put on 500 miles and still retained 97% of the original tire tread. A win for Ford, Carroll Shelby and Goodyear alike.

Despite the car’s exceptional performance, Ford would decide against mass producing it, as the cost would have been nearly double that of the GT500 at the time. However, in May 2018 Shelby American announced that they would build 10 continuation 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snakes priced at $250,000 each, meaning the buyer of this original could have nearly bought out the entire 10 continuation run for the same price.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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