A Breathtaking 1980 M1 Is Up For Sale!


January 19, 2021

By: Sinjin


Over 200 vintage motorcycle engulfed in huge museum fire!

Before we go into any of the details, we just want to say, cars and motorcycles can be replaced no matter how priceless they may seem, but people cannot. According to an unconfirmed source, thankfully no one was injured from the fire.

Photo credit: Ronan Glon

On January 16th at 7,135 ft in the Austrian Alps, a catastrophic fire engulfed the Top Mountain Crosspoint museum, home to over 200+ rare and historical motorcycles. Located at the border between Austria and Italy, The Top Mountain Crosspoint had the accolade as the highest museum in Europe  We’ve lost one car to a fire, our Datsun 280Z SEMA build, and honestly, we can’t even fathom what it’s like to lose your entire collection in one swift action. At the moment, the start of the fire is under investigation and well will keep this article updated as we find out more. The footage of the fire can be seen below-

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