Moto GP Rider Grabs Opponents Brake At 100+ MPH


September 10, 2018

By: Jonathan


Pair Of Demons Combine For Over Quarter-Million At Auction

When the gavel finally hammered drawing this past weekend’s Mecum Louisville auction to a close their was something quite similar about the top two sales, they were both Dodge Demons.

The top Demon, and car for that matter, was no. 124 of 3,000 and it was clear its value was rewarding the low production number compared to no. 1,690 which went for nearly $10,000 less. No. 124 with its 34 miles would sell for $132,200 compared to no. 1,690 with 14 miles bringing in $123,750.

Both cars will ship with their respective Demon Crates and aren’t much different from a performance standpoint becasue, well, not too many options from Dodge. However, the top-selling Demon does feature the power sunroof option which isn’t as common of an add on at $5,000 verse the cars various $1 add-ons.

In all, the duo sold for a total of $255,950, well over their combined $169,990 msrp meaning a nice ROI for the tandem lucky enough to flip them.

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