Car Auctions Aren't Just For Cars Anymore


January 29, 2020

By: Jonathan


Pair Of Jeep Pickups Poised For Auction

A Jeep Wrangler was my first car, but not because I was any type of fanatic at fifteen. No, Jeep’s were just cool and to this day the more I’ve learned of old ones and the new ones they’ve unveiled I feel the same way. And while they may have just recently resurrected their truck recently with the Gladiator, these of yesteryear heading to auction are as cool as ever.


1951 Jeep Pickup

Though it maybe a 1951 this Jeep truck evokes a sort Grapes of Wrath California feel where it once lived a life of hard work. And while the era is certainly wrong for that literary reference the truck was sold as new in California where it almost certainly would have been to work. It’s being offered today in rust free condition, but is still in need of some work… Perhaps though not in the interior. I’m digging the southwest style.


1978 Jeep J10 Golden Eagle Pickup

While the ’51 may have needed some TLC this ’78 Jeep J10 Golden Eagle just needs one thing, a new owner to rip it. Having been restored this vintage Jeep has since won awards and been displayed at Good Guys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale 2019. It features some original parts such as the factory Ari, roll bar and brush guard, but the truck’s 401cu.-in. engine was upgraded last year to include aluminum heads and manifolds. This rare Golden Eagle Edition also has been outfitted with a Levis, yes the jeans, interior which include real Levis’ buttons.


Both trucks will be offered at auction March 11-14 in Glendale, California.

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