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August 29, 2018

By: Jonathan


Papal Escort Could Earn Over Quarter-Million At Auction

Fresh off their Monterey, CA auction RM Sotheby’s heads to Auburn, IN tomorrow for their annual Auburn Fall auction. Though certainly toned down their are numerous cars on the docket for the auction which caught our eye, particularly this 1976 Ford Escort 1100 GL Sedan projected to sell for as high as $300,000.

If you’re thinking, “holy smokes that’s a chunk of change!” well, you’re right on two fronts. It is a lot of money and the car was the last personal car owned by Pope John Paul II. Two years after the Escort would be manufactured Karol Cardinal Wojtyła, Archbishop of Krakow would be elected the newest Pope and the car would enter storage at the Vatican. And if you aren’t amused by the idea of this little Ford amongst centuries of priceless artifacts at the Vatican then I feel bad for you.

In 1996 Pope John Paul II and the Vatican would auction his Ford for charity and the car would make it’s way to Chicago. There it would reside for nearly a decade before again being sold in 2005, the same year Pope John Paul II would pass. The car then made its way to only its second owner since being tucked away inside the Vatican and there it would remain, a part of the John M. O’Quinn Collection, until this weekend where it will again trade hands.

[Photography courtesy of RM Sotheby’s.]

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