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July 9, 2020

By: Sinjin


Low Mileage Porsche 944 Brings Record Number

The Porsche 944 isn’t exactly what everyone has at the top of their wish list. When it comes to what makes certain Porsches desirable, the 944 almost lacks all of it. It’s a non-air-cooled, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive Porsche, the only DNA it shares with the Porsches we all know and love is it’s racing connection to the 924.

It’s easy to hate on the doppelganger of the early 80’s 280z, but you can’t hate on the price tag this Porsche brought. At 2,400 original miles, this 2 owner 1988 944 brought $80,500 in its recent auction on Bring-A-Trailer. It’s still not record-setting 1993 911 numbers or even wrecked 1987 959 numbers, but still impressive none the less.

We know, we know, $80k  isn’t the number that you typically see as a record sales number, but take a look around the interwebs and see what other Porsche 944s are selling for. A few years back, Gas Monkey actually bought and sold the same exact year and model with very low miles, and well, it didn’t go for near that big of a price tag. The highest prior selling 944 on B.A.T. went for $49,000 back in late 2019.

Completely original and in great condition, this 944 is pretty much perfect. This isn’t the model that everyone has their eyes on, but it could be time that we see this model trending upwards in price. Who knows, it might be worth adding the Porsche 944 to your daily internet scavenge for potential buys.

Red 1988 Porsche 944 Front

To get more details on this 1988 944 Porsche and get a better look at it, you can still check it out on right now. (Let us know if you manage to comb through close to 500 photos of this Porsche if you do, you honestly deserve a trophy or a beer)

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