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January 28, 2020

By: Jonathan


Porsche Scores Big Ahead Of Super Bowl

Rarely do I feel like the Internet gets anything right, unless it’s carrying my byline, but in this instance as soon as I saw the YouTube comments I breathed a sigh of relief. The top comment reads, “Fast & Furious creators: Take notes. Take notes.”


Porsche’s Super Bowl spot titled “The Heist” is just that, a heist of the electric Taycan from the Porsche Museum in Germany with an ensuing chase featuring the guards all each grabbing various Porsches throughout history to chase down the thief. Ultimately, the spot, like the FF franchise, doesn’t make a lick of sense: the security guards all speak English with different accents, they chase from night to day, city to country and then the end?! However, the ad works. The driving is amazing, the sights spectacular and the comedic relief is sharp. It is, in short, everything The Fast and the Furious franchise strives to be these days and the creators should truly, “take notes.”


Check out the extended cut for yourself below ahead of Sunday’s big game.


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