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June 18, 2018

By: Jonathan


Quintessential Ford Hot Rod Stars At Portland Auction

Given that Gas Monkey is a hot rod shop it doesn’t take much to figure out that we dig hot rods and this 1931 Ford Roadster is a quintessential hot rod.

The hot rod origin story is one that has a history much like my own, sordid, but that only adds to the allure. The name is debated, the definition debated, but the constant is that the car owners wanted to go fast and look good doing so and who can find fault in that?! This ’31 began its life as a Ford which most know to be the hot rod car of choice. It has since been fitted with a 350 CI Chevrolet engine and I can’t tell you the amount of people that will be unjustly bothered by this.

“Great looking car, should have stuck with a Ford engine.” Comment after comment like this will plague social media, but these aren’t number matching cars, hell, they’re not even restorations. They’re hot rods, a term that many claim comes from “hot” as in stolen, as in the cars back in the day were composed of stolen parts and I can assure you they weren’t stealing to keep loyal to a make or model, but to make the baddest car they could.

Stepping off the soap box and returning to this Ford, it features not just a touch of Chevy, but 1950 Pontiac tail lights, Mercury chrome hubcaps and Ford parts from a ’32 (grille, headlights, boxed and pinched frame). It’s a true Frankenstein’s monster or, rather, hot rod. Carmel interior compliments the black interior with a 1940s instrument cluster just under the chopped windshield. A classic example of what a hot rod should be about, this ’31 heads to auction at Mecum Portland next week.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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