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October 2, 2020

By: Sinjin


R.I.P. The Mustang Shelby GT350

Add this to the list of everything that we’ve lost in 2020. Announced by Ford this week, production of the Shelby GT350 and GT350R will be ending this fall. Whether you’re a fan of the Bow Tie over the Blue Oval, you can’t ignore the importance of this decision. Once the GT350 leaves the production, so does the option of having a Shelby Mustang with a manual transmission. With a platform as embedded into muscle car culture as the Shelby Mustang, the absence of a manual transmission option just doesn’t seem right.


Since 2018 it’s been known that Ford would and has been making cuts to their overall lineup. With North America eventually being limited to two sedans from Ford, most of us assumed they would leave the Mustang platform alone, and at least not limit the options of it. Now the only Mustang with the Shelby name on it will be the 760 hp dual-clutch automatic only GT500.


We had some great years with it though. The GT350 returned to the Mustang lineup for the 2015 model year and ran a total of six years. During that timespan, the Heritage package became the best-selling version of the GT350 this year. With this vehicle, Ford gave us everything we could’ve wanted from a modern-day muscle car. A 5.2 liter V8, code-named “Voodoo”, with 526 hp, 8250-rpm redline, and a six-speed transmission.


Its upcoming disappearance will be accompanied by its fair share of “Ford is keeping the sidewalks safer now” jokes. Yeah, we’ve all seen the bountiful amount of videos of Mustangs losing control and ending up, well, not on the pavement anymore. The likes of driving the GT350 can be compared to learning to be a snake charmer. It takes time and patience to understand the car and learn how this Pony wants to run.


But hear me out, that’s what you want, that’s what makes driving, DRIVING.


Stomping on the gas day 1 with no learning curve, that’s not what driving and what being connected to your vehicle is all about. Flat out, if you’ve talked with anyone that has gotten the chance to drive a new GT350, they’d tell you its an amazing driving experience.


Still, if you want one of these Ponies in your stable, you have six model years to chose from once your tears have dried up. Until then we’ll have Skid Row’s “I Remember You” on repeat.

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