1957 Buick Super Convertible Lives Up To It's Name


September 20, 2018

By: Jonathan


Ram Bringing Mojave Sand Edition For Q4 Only

FCA you’ve done it again. Not anything particularly impressive, but the ability to launch limited-edition after limited-edition. The latest example comes from the Ram line of trucks, the biggest culprit, by way of the 2018 Ram Power Wagon Mojave Sand edition.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new Mojave Sand color and all-black wheels, but that’s it. Literally, thats the entire package. Seems more suited just being a color option at the dealer for an additional cost verse having someone even punching keys to issue a press release about this limited-edition truck. However, that’s just the way FCA rolls and I suppose if they got me typing about it now they’re doing something right.

The 2018 Ram Power Wagon Mojave Sand edition will set you back $795 and will only be available the fourth-quarter of this year.

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