Hummer H1 Launch Edition Has Arrived For The Millionaire Prepper


October 25, 2018

By: Jonathan


1 of 135 Hemi Superbird Flies Into Windy City Auction This Weekend

There is a reason they didn’t call this 1970 Plymouth just “bird” and that reason is because it’s super.

By now the story of the Superbird has been told and retold, but, in short, was built to compete in NASCAR and to do so required a consumer production run. That run was super limited resulting in just under 3000 ever being produced and only 135 like this Hemi Superbird being hatched. Through the years these cars have become icons from there NASCAR days to the Road Runner imagery and the glaring wings, all of which mean big money for the car these days.

This Superbird could fetch nearly $400,000 depending on the level of restoration. A similar fair condition ’70 with a 440 Super Commando Six Barrel took in $181,500 earlier this year, but that was of 300 featuring that engine option verse the top-end Hemi of this Superbird. Given the condition and market our guess is more the quarter-million range for this classic, but we will know for certain once the hammer hits at Mecum’s Chicago auction this weekend.

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