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October 27, 2016

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Richard, Dennis and Big Chris Crash a Fan’s Fast N’ Loud Watch Party!

At the beginning of this season of Fast N’ Loud, Richard had the idea that he wanted to show up at someone’s doorstep and crash their Fast N’ Loud watch party. So we launched a “Crash My Fast N’ Loud Watch Party” Facebook contest where people could send in videos of their watch parties and explain why the Gas Monkeys should crash theirs. The competition was steep, but here were our top three favorites.

Sent in by: Landry Thatcher from Maryville, TN

What we loved about it: We could tell they spent a lot of time making sure their video was top-notch. We also loved the product placement! Miller Lite, a Dodge truck and a Hellcat all made an appearance. More than that, we just loved that these were hard-working car guys, just like the Gas Monkeys.


Sent in by: Daniel Serewicz from St Charles, IL

What we loved about it: I mean, that museum is badass! And they had Miller Lite on Tap! What’s not to love about that?

Sent in by: Christopher Reyes in Albuquerque, NM

What we loved about it: We could tell Christopher loved cars as much as we did. We also loved that there wasn’t anything fancy about his video. He was just to-the-point and genuine.

We sent a big box of Gas Monkey shirts, hats, koozies, oil rags, Gas Monkey Tequila and Gas Monkey Energy to all three finalists to make sure their season finale watch party would be Gas Monkied out.

In the end, Richard, Dennis and Big Chris ended up crashing the watch party at Landry Thatcher’s shop, Addicted Performance Unlimited, in Maryville, TN.

“I was in a little bit of shock for the first few seconds when Richard called and said we were a finalist,” said Landry. “I was running around trying to put it on speaker phone so our guys could hear also. I looked like a fool running around the shop all while trying to sound calm on the phone.”

When Landry shared the news with co-owner Zach Young, he was shocked. “It was definitely a split emotion,” said Zach. “On one side, we loved our video and thought it could possibly get some attention, but then the other side, we thought there was no way in hell it would be us.”

They loaded their fridge with Miller Lite and Gas Monkey Energy and prepared to party, whether Richard showed up or not. Of course they hoped he would.

“About an hour before the show, we had seen a local guy post a photo with Richard on Facebook. So at that point, we knew we won,” Zach said. “I wanted to start crying. One thing that most other people did not have is this shop is our life. Our passion. Our dream. So it meant so much more to me because I knew it would benefit the shop.”

On the way to the shop, Richard and his crew got lost in the middle of nowhere, and redirected about a million times, making him “fashionably late” to the watch party. But little did he know one hell of a party was waiting for him.

“The whole thing was kind of surreal with him pulling up to the shop,” Landry said. “But we knew we had limited time so we tried to make the most out of every minute he was there. Thankfully we had a plenty of Gas Monkey Tequila on hand to ease the nerves before his arrival.”

To Zach, he wasn’t just meeting a reality TV star, he was meeting a role model of sorts.

“I have read Richard’s book¬†four times,” Zach said. “I can relate to things he went through. Because we go through them now and we always don’t have someone to call and talk to about things. It’s rough. So I see where he is as a goal for us. And for him to be here at our shop, how freakin’ unreal.”

Well, to that we say thank you for the hospitality, guys! Come on down to Dallas and let’s keep the party going!

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