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May 29, 2019

By: Jonathan


The Internet Comes Together To Find Richard’s Hellcat

Every now and then the power of the Internet can be used for good…Not that memes aren’t good fun, but let’s be honest. However, when Richard’s Hellcat no. 002 went missing, the first place he went after the police was to his loyal fans online. And while the Hellcat wasn’t found overnight, it was, perhaps, more impressively found about eight months later.

Impressive for two reasons: 1) the car wasn’t stripped or destroyed and 2) the Internet remembered. Nine months is a long time to recall anything you see online, let alone a post that you probably scrolled upon while driving (for shame!), but that’s exactly what happened when a local man saw a Hellcat sitting dormant and thought to reach out to Richard. Through our posts, but more importantly, your shares and watchful eyes, Richard was able to retrieve his Hellcat after eight months and who knows how many joy rides later.

A timeline of events:

Hellcat is announced stolen: 

Suspects found:

Hellcat found:

Hellcat Returns to Gas Monkey:

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