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October 24, 2013

By: Richard Rawlings


Richard’s eBay Collections

Not sure if you’ve seen the new look and feel of eBay yet, but it’s a pretty drastic change. The new eBay Today homepage features “collections” by eBay curators and other eBay users. eBay invited me to be one of the first curators. So what did I put in my collections? Cars, chrome and all things fast and loud! The eBay items in my collections are things I want, things I need or just things that inspire me. Maybe they’ll help you find some inspiration, too. You can follow me on eBay by clicking HERE and then click +FOLLOW. Or you can follow my individual collections. Here are a few of my collections you might be interested in:

Richard Rawlings eBay Collection Richard Rawlings eBay Collection Home Garage Richard Rawlings eday collections monkey Richard Rawlings Ebay Collection speed

I’ll be adding more items to these collections every month, and I’ll be adding more collections as they come to me. If you have any suggestions for other collections I should create or items I should add, feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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