A Mustang Station Wagon? We need some answers!


October 28, 2020

By: Sinjin


Run over a Tesla and save the environment all at once? The new Hummer EV!

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they can plow through absolutely anything on their way to the grocery store or on a family road trip? That thought was exactly the reasoning the Hummer became an all-time favorite, which explains why somehow H1 Hummers are still fetching close to $100k. Despite however much they were liked, the Hummer had its fair share of critics because frankly, they had sh*t fuel economy. As more dinosaurs went into their tanks and fuel prices went up, the Hummer lost traction and eventually stopped production in 2010.

Like the rollercoaster of emotions that 2020 has been, the latest news is honestly pretty shocking. The Hummer will return to the street in 2022, but not in its typical gas-guzzling fashion. The icon that was built on the Humvee platform will return in 2022 and completely electric.


Fans of the classic Humvee silhouette will be disappointed with the new styling of the first Hummer to be released. It’s easy to see the futuristic similarities to other electric trucks that almost every manufacture at this time is scrambling to produce. The first model to debut (and most expensive), the edition 1, flat out looks like a copy of the Rivian R1t. Just like that kid that copied your homework in school and “promised to change a few things”, GMC made the Hummer EV a bit bulkier and add some more pizzaz to the front end.

GMC added a nice touch however and jumped onto the current trend set by Jeep with their freedom tops and now seen on the new Broncos. With a t-top design for the rear portion of the roof and completely open availability for the front, with a retail price of $112,595, at least you get to enjoy the air that you’re preserving with all the electric power.


Now we get to the fun part and we get to talk about all those hampsters that this truck is hiding under the hood, or actually on its skateboard-esque battery tray chassis. Setup with three electric motors that make 1000hp, this all-wheel-drive GMC is estimated to launch you from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. While the Hummer EV is already far down the road, the original Hummers will still be struggling to get off the line. GMC is also quoting an absolutely ludicrous number for torque at 11,500 lb-ft. We’re gonna wait till these hit the road until we actually want to believe that number.

As the electric vehicle frenzy continues to spread, it has a bit of a zombie under-tone to it. Ya know? They’ve taken a beloved dead vehicle, brought it back to life, and against its original values, crammed its electric system in it to rain havoc on the offroads as well as the carpool lanes. Am I reaching a bit on that analogy and leaking a little bit of my bias towards good ‘ol gasoline? Who knows.


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