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February 26, 2019

By: Jonathan


See Everything Packed Into A NASCAR Hauler Each Week

Not 100% as to how a NASCAR hauler and pit box relate to WIRED as most the tech involved has been around for years, but certainly glad they took interest in NASCAR.

With all eyes on the track every weekend it’s easy to forget about the logistics that go into making it happen and maybe I’m just a nerd, but I find the logistics of motorsports fascinating. For 36 weeks out of a 52 week year NASCAR teams are on the road and not only are they leaving friends and family behind to make that happen, but they’re leaving their garages behind. Thankfully teams have found ways to bring everything they may need at the track from backup car to pit box in a single, impressively designed and laid out hauler.

However, Kevin Harris of Joe Gibbs Racing can show you better than I can tell you as he walks you around all the elements of Kyle Busch’s Monster Energy Cup Series hauler.

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