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December 18, 2018

By: Jonathan


SEMA Built Mustang, Lamborghini Creation Headed To Barrett

This will certainly be one of the most unique cars crossing the Barrett-Jackson stage next month, a 2009 Ford Lamborghini Tractorri Custom Coupe. Remember those? Yes? You’re a liar. This car was a one-off SEMA build with a name as convoluted as the car.

Don’t get me wrong. I love custom cars, but I generally like when they come with a reason as to why you did it? This creation is impressive as it features, “the entire running gear from a brand-new Lamborghini Gallardo underneath.” That’s right, a Lamborghini in a 2007 Mustang’s clothing. This is issue one for me in that they swapped the wrong parts. In no universe is the United States going to top Italy on design, they should have gone the route of the Pantera combining American power and Italian design.

The other glaring issue is the build cost with over $700,000 invested. I understand as a SEMA build that a good amount of that was most likely from sponsors, but still? There is no way to recoup that value short of maybe, and that’s a big maybe, stripping the car. Which doesn’t seem like a terrible idea with the Gallardo V10 it’s packing.

Shockingly the one aspect that works for me is the interior and how subdued it is verse the rest of the car. However, certainly not the interior that a person with the bank account to buy a Gallardo would be interested in. In all, the car is a testament to what builders can achieve as they continue to push the envelope, but in doing so they need to stop and ask themselves the question why. Or as Chris Rock once said about doing something just because you can, “you can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good f*cking idea!”

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

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