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August 5, 2020

By: Sinjin


SEMA Show 2020 Cancelled

The automotive world has been on pins and needles waiting for the official news whether SEMA 2020 would take place or not. Whether it happened or not, it was obvious that the hotrod vacation SEMA Show was going to be different this year. Even though the news was expected and should’ve been a betting line in Vegas, as of Wednesday evening the SEMA Show staff officially gave us an answer.

Though this comes as devastating news, anyone that has ever been to SEMA could see this coming since the quarantine started. Spectators and exhibitors flying into Sin City from all across the country and even the globe packed like sardines in a convention center just seemed extremely unlikely for 2020.

Was this the year everyone was going to see the Gas Monkey Riviera finished? You’ll never know. What we can look forward to is SEMA 2021. Given an extra 12 months, the world’s top automotive builders now have time to fine-tune what they plan on bringing… or at least we can hope (although trying to spot shotty work on the showcased cars is definitely a drinking game I’d recommend).

We’ll see y’all in Vegas but it’ll have to wait till next year, hopefully. So please, wear a damn mask and wash your hands so we aren’t all in this same spot next year.

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