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November 21, 2018

By: Jonathan


Silent But Deadly – Toyota Prius Gets M61 Vulcan

It was the Prius with an M61 Vulcan mounted that first caught my eye. It was then the realization I could write “silent but deadly” in a headline that made me want to post about the car; however, it was ultimately the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s story that gave me all the feels.

The team at Black Rifle Coffee Company took a Vulcan commonly found on fighter jets and mounted it to a Toyota Prius, commonly found in California driveways. Their tongue in cheek reason, “because Raptors are expensive” and that’s as good a reason as any. Though at $27 a round and the ability to shoot 6,600 rounds a second, or $2,970 per second, BRCC could still be responsible for a hefty bill depending on how trigger happy they get. In all the project took 160+ man hours and the result is, as they say is one “mean green fighting machine.”

BRCC was founded by a veteran to help employ veterans, but the story goes beyond just America’s vets. The below story about a former commander in the Afghani Army seeking safety and opportunity in America for his wife and five kids is truly heartwarming and a testament to BRCC and too what our country can be.

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