The Gas Monkey Crew Is Back With A Brand New Season!


February 24, 2020

By: Sinjin


Take A Seat Class, Shop Class Is In Session!

We’re living in a time where the younger generation would rather have skills on the keyboards and joysticks, rather than having skills under the hood or in the garage. It seems that the time where schools had shop class now is far enough in the past it could be in the history books kids are reading in school. As a result, the skilled workforce has drastically taken a hit and those that enjoy working with their hands and creating something out of the ordinary are a rare breed.


Well, Disney’s latest series aims to reverse this movement and bring back shop class to get those kids outside again to build, tinker, and maybe destroy a little bit.


Shop Class, is Disneys latest original series and involves teams of talented young kids paired with knowledgable teachers, that’ll set off to take on out of the ordinary challenges and compete for the title Shop Class Champion! While we doubt they’ll have these kids engine swapping anything, or chopping the top of a ’32 Model A, we still gotta love seeing these kids get hands-on and get out there and build something!

With the abundance of reality TV shows on cable now, seeing the younger generation get out of the house, learn a new skill, and create something out of this world, it kind of restores your faith in humanity just a little bit.


So take a seat, class is in session and this one is about to be your favorite subject… Shop Class! Watch the official trailer below to learn more about this truly unique competition and you can watch it on Disney+ now!

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