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January 9, 2019

By: Jonathan


Six Figure Cars Dominate Top 5 At Mecum… So Far

We’re just over the halfway mark of the MASSIVE Kissimmee, Florida Mecum Auction which runs through Sunday and began a week ago Thursday. With so many cars crossing the block let’s take a look at the top 5 sold so far as we approach the final weekend of the sale.

5. 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo – $110,000

A perennial favorite in the automotive world, this Gallardo is frankly nothing beyond that. With a believed 20,000 miles it hammered for $110,000 which was well below $195,000 MSRP.

4. 2013 Bentley Continental GTC – $115,500

Similarly to the Gallardo there isn’t much to this GTC beyond high-end luxury. However, for a car that could easily function as a daily driver the Bentley shows a low 11,707 miles on the odometer.

3. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible – $134,750

Now we’re talking our language with the only classic car to crack the top 5 so far in Florida. This ’67 ‘Vette is part of the Moss Classic Car Collection and features a 427 cu.-in. 435hp V8 engine.

2. 2008 Ferrari F430 Spider – $137,500

Frankly a white Ferrari just doesn’t do much for me, but suppose beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder as this F430 Spider has the second highest sale price of the auction so far.

1. 2005 Ford GTX1 – $319,000

A bit of a price difference here at number one with this Ford GTX1 commanding over twice as much as the second place car. No. 24 of 30 produced by Genaddi Design Group in Green Bay, Wisconsin this is the only one in this color combination. The car features a 5.4L V8 engine with a Whipple Supercharger and adorns signatures of some of the most famous names in Ford, from Carroll Shelby to Henry Ford III.

[Photography courtesy of Mecum Auctions.]

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