Barrett-Jackson Expansion Pack Released For Forza Motorsport 7


January 16, 2019

By: Jonathan


Solved! The Case Of How Much The ‘Mystery Machine’ Will Sell For

It’s not a mystery anymore what this 1968 Ford Econoline custom sold for at Barrett-Jackson yesterday. A cool $59,400 for this “Mystery Machine” replica that was painted in the correct movie matching livery and outfitted with a similarly inspired interior. In addition to the “ghost finder” instrument panel, this body on restoration custom features a factory 302ci V8 engine with a three-speed transmission. All said in done it’s a pretty sweet ride for anyone looking to park some nostalgia in their garage or solve mysteries of their own.

However, the bigger mystery still remains as to how these four, and Scooby, are friends? A handsome ascot wearing Fred, hot Daphne, stoner loser Shaggy and Velma? The friendship makes no sense for teenagers. The seemingly different backgrounds and personalities play like they inadvertently killed a man years back and only remain friendly as a result of the secret they agreed to take to their graves. The true mystery which as yet to be unmasked.

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

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