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June 24, 2020

By: Sinjin


Stunning Lamborghini Miura Up For Sale

Since the inception of the automobile over 120+ years ago,  few vehicles have reached the apex of respect and notoriety in the automotive world. Whether you favor American muscle, European, Tuner, Off-road, stanced and low, or whatever sector your interests lie in, there’s one car that every group can agree on that is absolute art in motion. The Lamborghini Miura. It just so happens that one of them is up for sale on Bring-A-Trailer currently.

photo credit: Bring-A-Trailer

With only about 750 Miuras made and the incredible price tag they demand now, most of us are just happy to see one in our lifetime. While most of us won’t be able to afford one, let’s just pretend we’ve won the lotto and have the money to blow. So break out the caviar, your nicest cheese and crackers, and a Miller Lite Highlife (ya know, because it’s the champagne of beers), and let’s see if this Lamborghini Miura is the right one for you.

photo credit: Bring-A-Trailer

This Miura is an early p400 model, completed in early 1968. After a nearly 2 year restoration, this classic was repainted in Verde Miura to replace the red paint job from the previous owner. Staying with the original interior color, the Bleu leather was reupholstered.

photo credit: Bring-A-Trailer

During the restoration, new aluminum was welded in to strengthen and repair areas around the around the headlight openings, lower valence, and front hood badge.

photo credit: Bring-A-Trailer

With the number stamped on the block of this 3.9-liter V12 matching the number on the chassis tag, this Miura is in spectacular condition. According to Bring-A-Trailer this V12


…features an aluminum block and cylinder heads, along with dual overhead camshafts for each cylinder bank. Induction is through four triple-choke Weber 40 IDL 3C carburetors fed by an electric Bendix fuel pump, while the ignition system incorporates two Marelli distributors and dual Bosch coils. The original lubrication system fed both the engine and transaxle, but this car has been modified with a split-sump system similar to the one introduced on later Miuras.


This Miura is one prized Bull being no stranger to a countless number of awards and invitations to showcases around the world. With the bid already being up to $803,000, either we need to start pooling our money together now or just settle for a wall poster. Let me know what y’all decide.

photo credit: Bring-A-Trailer


If you want to see more on this legendary Lamborghini, you check it out now and see it for sale on Bring-A-Trailer.


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