This Is The Factory Five Daytona Coupe Going Up Against GMG's Pantera


November 14, 2017

By: Jonathan


T-Tops With Tony Taylor 1974 Mercury Comet | Brought To You By Havoline

If you’re a regular Fast N’ Loud viewer, you’ve seen us crank out more than 100 projects over the last five years. But what you don’t see on TV are the hundreds of other cars that come through Gas Monkey Garage, either to be sold at auction or just a quick flip. Some of these cars that roll through are just too good to not show off. Enter: “T-Tops with Tony Taylor” brought to you by Havoline. Every month, Tony will showcase one of off his top picks (hence the name T-Tops) from our collection here at Gas Monkey Garage. Here, we bring you our first installment of Tony’s T-Tops for your enjoyment.

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