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February 12, 2020

By: Sinjin


Take A Look At The New 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon!

It’s no secret the silhouette of the 3rd generation Ford GT looks absolutely stellar. While Ford has already shown off their quality carbon fiber work on the GT with the special edition Carbon Fiber series, they recently took it up a notch.


If you aren’t familiar with the carbon fiber series, it features pieces of exposed carbon fiber across the car covered by a gloss instead of paint. This is the same edition of the GT that our very own Richard Rawlings’ owns, as you can see below.

While seeing these pieces of exposed carbon fiber across the car, there was one resounding question asked amongst everyone that saw it “Well, can you now do that to the entire car?”


Creating a sturdy shell for a car out of carbon fiber is an amazing feat in itself, but making it look like its world-class quality is a completely different ball game. For comparison, in the time it takes to complete one Liquid Carbon edition Ford GT, 3 regular GTs can be made. With the weave of it being very intricate and being done by hand, you have to see it up close to truly appreciate the work.


Although you are saving costs when it comes to paint, don’t expect the price to be close to a regular GT. With a price tag of $750,000, we’ll just stick to admiring this work on art on the internet rather than in our driveway.

Take a look at the exclusive 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Series below

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