'Twas The Turn of The New Year: A GMG Poem


December 15, 2012

By: Richard Rawlings


Team Fast N Loud, The True Winners of Chopper Live: The Revenge

Photo from the Road to Revenge Blog.

We’re finally back and recovered from our trip to Vegas for Chopper Live: The Revenge. Why is it that when you’re in Vegas for one week it feels like three? First of all, we want to say thank you to all of the Fast N’ Loud fans who voted for FRED to win the build off. We met a ton of you at Hard Rock Hotel while we were there, and based on the number of tweets and Facebook posts we received from the rest of you, there were a shit ton of you out there rooting for Fast N’ Loud. Based on that alone, we feel like the true winner.

Not only did we meet the deadline in the build, but we were also the only ones to ride our bike to Vegas, which was a fucking blast.

In the end, Paul Jr. Designs pulled out the win for the second year in a row. We came in second place, which isn’t half bad when you’re going up against someone who has been on the air for 10 years and has been building a following of gearheads for nearly a decade. With only one season on air, and a growing but very loyal following, we’re more than happy to say we beat Jesse James and Paul Sr. with our “pink bike.” FRED made us proud. You made us proud. Everyone who had a hand in making FRED as badass as he is made us proud.

[For those of you scratching your head out there, FRED is the bike we built for the build off. Fucking Ride Every Day]

Just wait until next year’s build off, guys and gals. We’re going to dominate.


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