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December 18, 2017

By: Jonathan


Teen Delivers Spot-On ‘Garage Rehab’ Parody Video

While many were curled up on the couch with family in a food coma or braving the mall for Black Friday deals, 17-year-old Maisie Merlock and her dad, Frank, were working on creating the be all and end all of Garage Rehab parodies.

“Me and my dad were in the car driving,” said Maisie adding, “I was quoting [Garage Rehab] to him and thought ‘why don’t we just do a video?’” And that’s just what they did, publishing the video to her YouTube channel on the morning of Monday, December 18 and reaching the hosts of the show by that afternoon.

And like any great parody, it stems from love. “Me and my dad watch all the time, it’s our show,” said Maisie, but that didn’t stop her from having some fun with the hosts.

On Richard: “He has his handkerchief he never uses, but always has.”

On Russell: “He’s got that New York accent. I do a ton of accents, [Maisie then goes into spot on British, Scottish and German accents.]”

On Chris: “He always talks about ‘work flow’ so I thought it would be funny to say ‘work flow’ about a dozen times in a sentence.”

While Maisie did enjoy the lack of a wig that went into playing blonde Chris she said she did have the most fun with Richard and his catchphrases like, “Get you some of that!” And when asked about the challenges of playing each host Maisie responded, “I’m an actress, so that’s kinda what I do.” That she does and very well at that.

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